Laura and Lucia©

Conversation  “Lucia, I heard something interesting that really has me thinking in a different way.” “About what?” “About the whole sexual identity movement we’re going through. You know, the Me-too movement, and all the others that I don’t even know the names of. Know what I mean? No response from Lucia. So she shouts “Lucia!” “Uh, no. Actually, I don’t think too much about it.” … Continue reading Laura and Lucia©

Marjorie and Cynthia©

Conversation   “One day all the jobs will be gone, and replaced by robots. Then what will we do?” Marjorie announces. Cynthia is using an awl with beeswax thread trimming the leather’s edge that will cover her set of director’s chairs. “I still think you can find some nice pieces of vegan material Cynthia rather than using leather.” “I like leather, strong and sturdy. I … Continue reading Marjorie and Cynthia©

The Typewriter©

                         The three-story house on Alcott Street sat on top of a hill. Nick could almost see the bridge from the attic if he angled his body the right way. Like many neighborhoods within a city, there was a row of shops across from his window. Each establishment was adorned with a dark green awning. There was Lou & Abe’s Deli, a shoe repair … Continue reading The Typewriter©

Life in a Dictionary’s Asylum©

Note to the Reader — the story below is a completed short story.  I am now writing it into a full novel.  Unfortunately, the index does not appear the way it should, which should be two columns.   Life in a Dictionary’s Asylum A Novel  by Jo Ann Rodriquez   Prologue        Jules Reimer kept a secret until he died in 1982. He was a writer, … Continue reading Life in a Dictionary’s Asylum©