Life in a Dictionary’s Asylum©

Note to the Reader — the story below is a completed short story.  I am now writing it into a full novel.  Unfortunately, the index does not appear the way it should, which should be two columns.   Life in a Dictionary’s Asylum A Novel  by Jo Ann Rodriquez   Prologue        Jules Reimer kept a secret until he died in 1982. He was a writer, … Continue reading Life in a Dictionary’s Asylum©

Bricks Mounted on an Alien Spirit©

            I watched Niqúen and Rosa move in, in 1965; the y made it the brightest three story brick building on the block. They painted the bricks fire engine red and the grout was painted white. It was the most colorful attached house on the tree-lined street; some people thought it was too loud, announcing its existence over everyone else’s natural colored brick homes. The sky … Continue reading Bricks Mounted on an Alien Spirit©

The Woman©

The woman walked into the store alone.  The department store had just opened for their weekend Christmas sale.  The woman walked up the escalators to the third floor and headed toward the ladies room.  A cashier watched her as the woman walked toward her, the cashier asked her if she needed any assistance, the woman nodded her head “no” and continued walking.  The cashier looked … Continue reading The Woman©

Regrets in a Wasteland’s Marriage©

            Without the thought of the repercussion of his words, “What did you get married for if you don’t want children?”             Marie looks at Hector with a pained expression knowing that one day the subject of children would surface.  Until this moment, Marie always trusted it would be only him and her.  She starts folding up the ironing board and wraps the cord around … Continue reading Regrets in a Wasteland’s Marriage©

Michael and Jeannine in Bed©

Michael and Jeannine snuggle under the bed sheets.  Jeannine, safely lying under Michael’s arm, presses her face against his chest, sighing wistfully.  “What’s that sigh for?” “Oh, I’m just thinking about how wonderful it feels.  How wonderful it is to wake up with my face under your chin.  How wonderful…” “Okay, I get it.  This bed is comfortable,” Michael said. Jeannine mimicking Michael, “This bed … Continue reading Michael and Jeannine in Bed©